The GSUM Winter School Program

General Structure

The GSUM Winter School Program is conceived and structured as two independent but interrelated weeks of intensive learning and training activities on international mediation, with a particular focus on issues, problems, questions, and experiences concerning or related to the Global South.

Each week of the GSUM Winter School is structured around 3 different kinds of activities and events:

- in the mornings (10-13hs), a General Course;

- in the afternoons (14-17hs), Optional Courses; and

- in (some) of the evenings (19:30-21:00hs), Public Events.

General and Optional Courses

The core of the GSUM Winter School Program is comprised of the Courses offered each week: the General Course, everyday in the morning (from 10 to 13hs); and the Optional Courses, everyday in the afternoon (from 14 to 17hs).

The General Course is a 15-hours course that takes place every day (Monday-Friday) between 10h00 and 13h00. It is taught by an eminent scholar and/or practitioner whose expertise is international mediation. There is one General Course offered per week, hence, it is compulsory for all the students.

The Optional Courses are 15 hour-courses that take place every day (Monday-Friday) between 14h00 and 17h00. They are taught by the GSUM Visiting Fellows, eminent scholars and practitioners who are selected, each year, for the GSUM Fellowship Program.

The General and Optional Courses are inspired and conceived around at least one of the following specialized subjects, issues and themes that are privileged by the GSUM Winter School Program:

- Conflict Resolution and mediation as a field of study and practice

- Actors and Processes of Mediation

- Gender, Culture, Religion and Environment in Mediation

- Mediation and the United Nations System

- Elements and Reflections on Successes, Failures, and Lessons Learned

- Mediation and the Global South

Public Events

The GSUM Winter School aims to contribute to the local, national, and international public spheres. Thus, it organizes different Public Events, comprising Keynote Speeches and Public Panels with the participation of invited public officials, internationally renowned international mediation specialists, eminent scholars and practitioners. The Public Events are free and open to the public in general. They take place in (some of) the evenings, between 19h30 and 21h00.

The GSUM Winter School Program 2014

First Week (July 28th – August 1st, 2014)

Inaugural Lecture

Brazil, Multipolarity and the United Nations

Ambassador Antonio de Aguiar Patriota, Permanent Representative of Brazil to the United Nations and former Brazilian Minister of External Relations

General Course

Conflict Resolution and Mediation as a Field of Study and Practice

Prof. Laurie Nathan, University of Pretoria

Optional Courses

Mediation as Reflective Practice

Borislava Manojlovic, GSUM Visiting Fellow

A New Global South Model for Mediating Urban Gang Violence

Catherine Ali, GSUM Visiting Fellow

The Global South’s role in promoting Legitimate and Inclusive Just Peace

Maria Cecilia Milesi, GSUM Visiting Fellow

Public Events

Keynote Speech (29/07)

Prof. Esra Cuhadar, Bilkent University

Public Panel: The Role of Mediation in International Politics (30/07)

Prof. Monica Herz, GSUM-IRI/PUC-Rio

Prof. Paulo Esteves, GSUM-IRI/PUC-Rio

Prof. Laurie Nathan, University of Pretoria

Prof. Esra Cuhadar, Bilkent University

Keynote Speech: International mediation as the management of complexity (31/07)

Prof. Laurie Nathan, University of Pretoria